A stable version of Tensorforce is periodically updated on PyPI and installed as follows:

pip install tensorforce

To always use the latest version of Tensorforce, install the GitHub version instead:

git clone
cd tensorforce
pip install -e .

Tensorforce is built on top of Google’s TensorFlow and requires that either tensorflow or tensorflow-gpu is installed, currently as version 1.13.1. To include the correct version of TensorFlow with the installation of Tensorforce, simply add the flag tf for the normal CPU version or tf_gpu for the GPU version:

# PyPI version plus TensorFlow CPU version
pip install tensorforce[tf]

# GitHub version plus TensorFlow GPU version
pip install -e .[tf_gpu]

Some environments require additional packages, for which there are also options available (mazeexp, gym, retro, vizdoom; or envs for all environments), however, some require other tools to be installed (see environments documentation).