– Runner

Required arguments

#1: agent (string) – Agent (configuration JSON file, name, or library module)
#2: environment (string) – Environment (name, configuration JSON file, or library module)

Optional arguments

Agent arguments

--[n]etwork (string, default: not specified) – Network (configuration JSON file, name, or library module)

Environment arguments

--[l]evel (string, default: not specified) – Level or game id, like CartPole-v1, if supported
--[i]mport-modules (string, default: not specified) – Import comma-separated modules required for environment
--visualize (bool, default: false) – Visualize agent–environment interaction, if supported

Runner arguments

--[t]imesteps (int, default: not specified) – Number of timesteps
--[e]pisodes (int, default: not specified) – Number of episodes
--[m]ax-episode-timesteps (int, default: not specified) – Maximum number of timesteps per episode
--mean-horizon (int, default: 10) – Number of timesteps/episodes for mean reward computation
--e[v]aluation (bool, default: false) – Evaluation mode
--[s]ave-best-agent (bool, default: false) – Save best-performing agent

Logging arguments

--[r]epeat (int, default: 1) – Number of repetitions
--[p]ath (string, default: not specified) – Logging path, directory plus filename without extension

--seaborn (bool, default: false) – Use seaborn